What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Please defend this use of exempli gratia

Paul De Bra wrote:

Lenstip makes the 17mm look worse than e.g. photozone.

By using exempli gratia (e.g.) in this sentence, you are directly implying that photozone is one representative testing site of multiple such sites that make the 17mm look better than Lenstip.

This is clear, because the use of exempli gratia before a list (even if the list contains only one item, as yours does) is used to indicate that the list of provided example(s) is an incomplete one - that is, that there are other examples of the given phenomenon in addition to that/those provided after exempli gratia.

Given this accepted definition of exempli gratia, I am asking you which other examples you are aware of that would also fit into your list. If there are no other examples, your use of exempli gratia in this context is both improper and misleading.

I ask not out of pedantry. Rather, I ask because I am not aware of any serious test sites other than photozone that make the 17mm look significantly better than Lenstip does. On the contrary, I am under the impression that photozone is the outlier here, and that Lenstip is in good company.

Your use of exempli gratia makes me question the accuracy of my aforementioned impression. I eagerly await the list of other examples from which you chose photozone for purposes of illustration.

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