What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: Goal? Hope for result from discussion?

Optimus47 wrote:

I'm not too sure about the goal of this post.

Maybe you could articulate what specifically you are trying to achieve, discuss or obtain consensus? (I seem to remember this discussion from several months back. Deja vu?)

1) If your goal is to hope that someone at Olympus is listening and will start producing a new lens, based on "forum outrage", I wouldn't bother.

Online forums are rife with both valid and invalid complaints. After a while, it all become white noise that most companies and manufacturers ignore.

2) The 17mm 1.8 is designed to reach a certain price point and market. People are already complaining about the EP5 and 17mm kit being too expensive.

It is unlikely Olympus will ever produce a better 17mm, which is better performing at a lower price point. Sorry, it is not gonna happen. (Mirror less sales are struggling...)

3) If your goal is obtain consensus at Dpreview that the 17mm 1.8 is a "lemon", well..., again, good luck with that losing proposition. For every one post of agreement, there may be 10 posts of disagreement, unless the lens is truly a universal stinker and very, very bad.

People believe what they believe and it is unlikely for you to change their opinion.

4) If your goal is to ask for alternative "35mm equivalent" for M43, the conclusion is rather clear.

It does not currently exist for M43, so you are better off switching systems to one that has a 35mm that meets your needs.

Time to move on to a Leica or a system that uses Sigma's 35mm 1.4 (which has been very well reviewed).

Or you have no choice but to be patient and happy with the lenses that you have.

Now this articulate and sensible post should put a end to it......but somehow I doubt it.

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