Sony NEX-6 Benchmark Test?

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Mel Snyder
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Re: Sony NEX-6 Benchmark Test?

mtwo wrote:

I have no interest in flogging a dead horse. However I find the comment about short shutter speed and high ISO to be questionable. My copy of the 16-50 is more than adequate. If you need an excuse to buy lenses this is not one. Are there better lenses, of course. However you need to consider the flexibility the 16-50 provides. From 24 to 75 in real terms is pretty good stuff. Most of these kit lenses start at 18mm and that is not very wide but 16 equates to 24mm and that is a very nice wide starting point. Primes are great but not suitable for every occasion. Moreover, you can stick that whole thing, camera and lens, in a jacket pocket. Great thing, that. You might not take a APS-C DSLR with you but this little guy is a piece of cake to haul along and that kit lens provides a lot of flexibility.

The sensor is one of the better 16Mp ones out there. Colors are very nice.

If you want another lens then go buy one but the one you have is pretty good. Changes to your technique may pay greater dividends than another lens. I don't wish to start an acrimonious match here but please don't be swayed by lens envy till you have taken a lot more photos.

Go out and have some fun. Perfection is not always possible but decent images are within reach of most of us.


John, that's my thumbs up for your post! However, I do see characteristic noise suppression artifacts in the grass just to the right of the top of the waterfall. It's why I rarely go above ISO 800 unless forced to, or over ISO 200 if I have a shot in hell of handholding for the subject.

Maybe if people would stop pixel-peeping waterfalls and flowers, and just go out and shoot the most wondrous of God's creations, their families and fellow man, we'd have more happy photographers and memories.

I don't know if the EXIF will pass the DPREVIEW filter, but this was shot on May 28, 2001 with my Olympus C2100 - a pioneering camera with a 2.1mp sensor. It looks great as an 11x14 on my wall.

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