What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: Lenstip makes the 17mm look worse than e.g. photozone.

Paul De Bra wrote:

Lenstip gives sharpness figures of 65 / 53 for the 17mm versus 75 / 68 for the 25mm lens (just as an example). Photozone gives figures of 2832 / 2134 for the 17mm versus 3075 / 2213 for the 25mm lens. That is a much smaller difference. (We cannot compare with other lenses such as the 20mm on photozone as their tests of these lenses were done on a different camera. We need tests on the same camera.)

This example shows just how dangerous it is to rely on a review site instead of actual experience from actual users. Lenstip makes the 17mm look bad compared to the other lenses (I also looked at figures of other lenses than the 25) but on Photozone the 17mm looks close to what the very well regarded 25mm lens does.

If the 17mm lens was much worse than the 20mm or 25mm people wouldn't be jumping up and down about how good the 17mm f/1.8 is. Don't just believe numbers. Try to get some real experience, with a good copy of the lens.

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Sorry, I do not understand your logic. We are talking about measurable properties and it is not just Lenstip, also DXOMark, LensRental, Photozone and more.

It's fine if you think I am asking for the impossible, but I think it is so easy to get a lot better. For example, in terms of sharpness, the 20mm, a pancake, and the CV 17mm are proof that it is not just possible but already done. They are both much sharper. People jump up and down about how good their purchased lens is, OK, that's certainly not new around here. It is risky to base on the number of people jumping up and down to tell the quality of a lens if that is not supported by its test measurements (like the 75mm).

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