18-108 or 55-210 zoom for NEX 6

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Re: 18-105 or 55-210 zoom for NEX 6 --> on a budget consider a Monolta...

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These are completely different lenses for completely different needs. You need to decide what type of lens you think you need more...

This is such a smart answer. The answer is so different depends on what you shoot. Myself, I would want them both!...

I want them both too! I want them all! However I am not independently wealthy, but every time my husband gets a new obsession about buying a new surf board I say it gives me the green light buy another lens. Hahaha!

Consider an option 3:

- LA-EA2: quite pricey but can be bought 2nd hand. (If AF is not important, consider an LA-EA1)

- Minolta zoom: eg 28-105. 2nd hand. Inexpensive. Some are v nice quality. Much bigger range to choose from in terms of quality vs zoom range vs size vs max aperture.

Total cost is likely >55-210 but <18-105.

Check out http://www.dyxum.com/lenses/index.asp ...

But. No oss

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