What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: Possible solution for you...

OP wrote:

"The answer I like best so far.

With nothing really nice in M43, this may be the only and the best option at this time."

With such an uncompromising attitude

(evident in use of such hyperbolic words like "best", "nothing", "only", "best")

could we not also reject the x100 on any number of demerits

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of AF slower than an OMD, or lack of lens interchangeability, or the simple fact of the hassle, anxiety, time spent overthinking and stressing out and venting on an internet forum, throwing around a bunch of passive aggression --

which all naturally tarnish the perfection of the potential?

the root of 'device' is 'division'. don't let the device divide you from your essential experience: of making images.

technology can make you, and break you, if you let it.

Not uncompromising. If you look at the reviews and the details, consider the price, and also how the IQ of the lens compared with other cheap lenses, maybe you will see the point better.
It is not that I am asking for something really hard to provide (considering the much better performance of the 12mm, if not the 12-35mm zoom. This 17mm f/1.8 is not a lens that Olympus should be proud of, even though it seems to be or looks the part.

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