Glass bubble in Noctilux f0.95?

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meagre offerings
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Re: Glass bubble in Noctilux f0.95?

bosjohn wrote:

Toccata47 wrote:

meagre offerings wrote:

Toccata47 wrote:

I'll assume I'm on dale's ignor

i have had a whisper that everyone is, other than bosjohn, allegedly!!!!

You've made it too, eh? Welcome to the ranks of the truly despicable! We throw the best parties.

what me what did I do? the good lord only knows on how many ignor lists I have the honer to be on

Is someone saying they disagree with DPReview's standard forum features? Get over it. Some of my associates have noted that fully half of the replies on my latest threads have been grayed out (ignores), and described it as "thread bombing". So now the word is spreading.

surely if half the people who take part in your threads are on your 'ignore' list, that says more about you and your well used 'ignore' list than it does about the active forum members.



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