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Re: FZ200 Maximum Desirable F-Number to achieve adequate "Sharpness"

Stephen Barrett wrote:

J C Brown wrote:

Thus for the FZ200 which has a 4000 x 3000 pixel sensor the maximum resolution would be estimated to be 2000 lines per picture height, LPH. That value is within 5% and 10% respectively of the vertical resolution values for the JPEG and RAW images in the DPR FZ200 review.

Just to clarify, when you say "2000 lines per picture height", I assume that this means the same thing as 1000 line-pairs per picture height (1000 white and 1000 black).

Thank you for your comments, Dr. Brown.

I have downloaded your paper and will read it with interest.

From my direct experience in asking Jimmy the very same question, it is true that "lines" is (there) implying line-pairs (per image height in this case). Bottom line, it takes 3 or more individual photosites to reproduce a single line-pair made up of alternating dark/light illumination.

The number of line-pairs recordable is equal to (at most) 2/3 of the spatial sampling elements; and

The number of dark lines recordable is equal to (at most) 1/3 of the spatial sampling elements.

(From Jimmy's excellent paper)

DM ...

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