How can Oly EM-1 compete when FF DSLR with L zoom goes for $2300?

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Re: How can Oly EM-1 compete when FF DSLR with L zoom goes for $2300?

wolfeel wrote:

Well said Sir. The E-M1 competition will not be the FF systems despite its "pro" label, but the higher end traditional APS-C cameras and whatever new creation Sony might release in their mirrorless NEX/alpha E mount line. So pricing the kit way above those cams might be tough sledding.

To me this looks very similar to what Pentax was facing with thier K5 model. Great little camers (by DSLR standards) and for a while very affordable lenses, yet they could not make much headway against Canikon.

K5 was largely successful by pentax standard. But it was still more expensive than D7000 and 60D it was competing against. Also you are wrong about lens affordability. Pentax lenses are on the large more expensive than Canikon counter parts. See 50 F1.8 and 85 F1.8 counterparts. Pentax is unique in that it has a lot more pencake lenses. but most of them are not star performers and not cheap, not exactly mainstream.

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