What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

Still waiting for a meaningful reply.

This is a discussion of the need of a better 35mm equivalent FL lens, not about whether you like the lens that you have bought (if not based on tests that are reliable for comparisons), or whether I have bought this lens or can take good photos, or how many people have decided to buy the lens, ... They are all irrelevant.

For example, one of my many points is this.

If a much wider 12mm lens can be made to clearly outperform the 17mm, then the 17mm is not so stellar, even though there is a small difference in maximum aperture. It should be possible to make the 17mm at least as good if not better, since it is not as wide and it is not constrained otherwise (by size restrictions like with pancakes), or by other considerations.

It should be clear also that a better lens is possible if a zoom is overall sharper than it, except for particular apertures. It is disappointing to me if not to the owners who for various reasons bought it that its optical qualities are give and take not any better than pancakes in sharpness, distortion, vignetting and certainly not in field of curvature characteristics. All these are well documented in detailed test results. I don't think Lenstip, DXOMark, Photozone, etc all conspire to bash this lens.

I have as yet no meaningful arguments on any of these, or on why the wide apertures of this lens is useless in many situations due to problems arising from its poor field of curvature property, which means such a fast lens not much better than a slower one like a 18mm f/2.8. It is also strange is that no one apparently would wish for a better performance, which should be quite possible.

While it is fine to say you like your lens and can get excellent pictures out of it (so can many P&S or compact camera lenses), it should be clear that a 17mm with better IQ would make it possible for you to do even more, easier, and have sharper pictures, more keepers, less problems. And it should be entirely possible to make it better, much better.

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