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dale thorn wrote:

BSweeney wrote:

I've been using the default values for just about everything, unless playing with noise reduction at ISO 10,000. I tend to use color filters for "optical pre-processing" rather than spending a lot of time at the computer for my hobby. I spent most of the 1980s writing data acquisition and image processing code. Using an Orange filter is much easier and faster than stretching the contrast in post.

I've seen an incredible amount of noise in what I've done so far with the Monochrom at ISO 800. I suppose it's a confluence of factors - no noise processing in camera, no in-camera HDR, very underexposed and too-contrasty JPEGs where shadows have been pumped up a lot in PP, and so on. I'm getting a better handle on exposures, but I sure hope those defaults will take care of most of the extreme contrast situations, since I rarely intend to have pure black silhouettes in my images.

I've looked at the DNG files in HEX and am amazed at the uniformity and lack of noise. If you are getting noise at ISO 800, it must be the JPEG engine. Also- an 8-bit JPEG image does not give much room to change contrast levels in post. A 14-bit image- the amount of detail that can be pulled out of the shadows is amazing.

Also check with different SD cards, use a slower card- a 4x is "fast enough" for RF shooting. Post some examples at Leicaplace.

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