How can Oly EM-1 compete when FF DSLR with L zoom goes for $2300?

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Re: How can Oly EM-1 compete when FF DSLR with L zoom goes for $2300?

sanath444 wrote:

Full frame Canon 6D with 24-105 IS L zoom goes for $2300 in Canada. Canon 24-104 L zoom alone costs $1,300. How can Olympus compete with a M.4/3 costing $1500 or more when FFs costs little more?

Relax. The camera has not been released, only a handful of people really know what it will sell for and the margins that are on it. They will also know what market they are aiming for and know exactly what their competition is. Also remember that you are comparing two different cameras at different points in their release cycle so pricing will also be quite different when both are available for purchase.

Secondly people will buy what people will buy. We all have needs and wants, some will want the EM1 others will want an EOS6d. Personally I see the benefits in both cameras, but as they don't fit in with what I want I won't be buying either.

Seriously people do need to relax, worrying about this sort of stuff will make you ill. I suggest stay away from forums and use your time to go out and take pictures with the camera you already have. It's only obsolete if you listen to marketing people.

So take a deep breath, relax, and repeat after me "I must go out and take pictures". 

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