So, how are they going to sort out the forums now?

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Re: Olympus SLR Talk

I think we should use any explanation/reasoning that might work to keep this forum intact, with its current name or some new hybridized name. I dabble in the M43 forum a bit and though there are some nice people in the group, it is like trying to drive on the freeway in LA over there. Things move too fast, there's too many of them, there is too much going on - a veritable madhouse. This forum is more like a leisurely stroll through a peaceful village. I shoot mainly with my OMD now, with about half m43 lenses and half 43 lenses. I will probably never part with my E30. What I appreciate here is the interest in what the gear will DO, rather than just gear itself. There are photo threads on this forum!! People post real photographs in them, look at other peoples' photos and comment!! There is civil interchange!! I would sure hate to see this forum merge with the freeway, I probably would just give it up.

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