GH3 low light indoor acrobatic show

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Re: GH3 low light indoor acrobatic show

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Strange to get flack for ignoring your post for 5 hours in the middle of a long weekend

Anyway, I find these to be rather over exposed. I shoot a lot of concerts stealthily and handling the extreme dynamic range of hot lights on some parts of the stage and no light on others is really tricky.

I have come up with a method that seems to work really well for any camera that has manual control -- even the tiniest of sensors ... as documented here:

Scroll down to the section marked "shooting concerts" ...

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Strange, I find these images about as well exposed as possible under the terrible circus lighting conditions - certainly not overall overexposed. Well done, HiFi!

But I do find your blog stage shots all significantly underexposed, except for the last, particularly the three "portraits" with plugged, noisy shadows. And none of your examples show the stage lighting challenges the OP faced except for overall intensity. Perhaps he might have some tips for you?


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