How can Oly EM-1 compete when FF DSLR with L zoom goes for $2300?

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sanath444 wrote:

Full frame Canon 6D with 24-105 IS L zoom goes for $2300 in Canada. Canon 24-104 L zoom alone costs $1,300. How can Olympus compete with a M.4/3 costing $1500 or more when FFs costs little more?

I have enough money to buy a new, high end M43 body, or this 6D kit you're referring to.  Guess what?  I'm spending the money on M43.  Why?  For the same reason I got into it in the first place: lighter weight, less bulk.  Secondary reasons include live preview and easier video recording.

I already have a D300 DSLR and have had lighter DSLRs plus mid-range (price-wise) lenses for their smaller sizes and lower weight.  I sold the smaller DSLRs and am in the process of selling the mid-range glass because it didn't make enough of a difference in downsizing my travel kit.  I'm holding onto my D300, the flash units and 2 or 3 high end zooms for paid work.

For personal/fun/travel stuff, I have switched to M43.  And it has finally allowed me to travel much lighter.

So that's how it can compete: image quality is good enough, plus M43 is superior in weight/size, plus a few other bonuses.

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