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Re: One bad news and several good ones [Re: Galaxy NX Pricing revealed]

targut wrote:

zaurus wrote:

The bad news is that a truly revolutionary camera (when was the last time we saw one?) clearly defining itself as a full-fledged computer/tablet with a specific set of attachments (mount, lenses, a dedicated photo/video pipeline)

Truly revolutionary? Are you serious? One can always shoot photos with an iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or whatever you want.

Not with interchangeable lenses and a big sensor -- both of which are mandatory for "serious" photographers.

Combined devices have always been marginal products,

This is NOT a "combined device." It is a redefinition of the camera from being perceived as a mostly mechanical device to openly admitting being a computer.

especially those that cost more than three specialized devices together (camera, smartphone, and a desktop computer for photo processing).

How so? A NX300-like dumb camera with a viewfinder, larger grip and battery will cost $999 at introduction. The older Galaxy Note II upon whose chipset the Galaxy NX is based, costs $499 new now. So you've got to spend $100 on a computer -- please find a decent one, new.

You are right, this camera cannot be made for cheap.

I said -- for now. As I explained, just like with any new electronic device, prices will go down quickly. Here is a chart which might help:

The price of the Galaxy Camera has fallen in half in one year

The price of the Galaxy Camera has fallen in half in less than a year -- pretty clear, I think.

I expect the price of the Galaxy NX to follow the same trend.

it seems that you believe consumers will support this camera. I do not believe and most responses here indicate misbelieve too. So there are two possibilities: either most of people here are wrong or you are wrong.

You might try to isolate me as the single crazy person liking the Galaxy NX, but you'd be better off looking around closer. Quite a few people will seriously consider the camera once the body only price settles to an acceptable threshold for them. I guess this threshold would be $1000 which will happen by this upcoming spring.

I think it is the latter, because people here are interested consumers and their opinions show how popular this camera is going to be.

Yes, many people here are traditional photographers who "just want a good, not expensive camera to just take a photo."  However: All mirrorless systems offer such traditional cameras and a full line of lenses, so why exactly have they chosen Samsung?

Samsung is trying to separate from the competition by acknowledging the general camera market has changed. The market wants a seamless workflow. The market wants a family of products based on a common platform each of which is directed to a specific photographic segment.

Unhappy with the cell phone camera (which for most means "can't zoom") -- here is the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Want a separate compact camera, but without losing the connectivity and the social aspects -- here is the Galaxy Camera. Want to change lenses, low light ability, subject isolation etc... all the "pro" stuff in addition to all of the previous -- here is the Galaxy NX.

The entire family is based on the same electronic chipsets and operating system -- Android. Just the optical, and some mechanical, components change. The same computer with different attachments. Which is where we started from.

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