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Re: Monochrom/Noctilux - West Virginia freeway stop

dale thorn wrote:

mjack101 wrote:

Now if you think about that, and the fact that the Monochrom should yield the best JPEGs in the business, why would I want to spend valuable time doing lab work? I'm not Ansel Adams, but I intend to have a few memorable images as time goes on. And I don't keep the bad ones - I toss 'em.

I know you probably dont want another post about using RAW but having read so many reviews of the MM and the files it produces and having looked at a lot of pictures posted here and elsewhere I really think that this is the one camera where the JPG will never do it justice. It doesn't take long to tweak a RAW and I truly believe you will be blown away by how much improvement there can be.

Just take one RAW photo and try it, what do you have to lose?

Oh and btw ignore the negative posters above, they are probably just envious that you have such a great camera.

Thanks!! - I think that's actually good advice, and I'm going to at least make the attempt soon. I've been mistrustful of Adobe for years, and the recent decision re: Photoshop even exceeded my fears. So maybe that other free software will do the trick by itself?

Lightroom 4 that comes with the camera has a very good batch processing mode where you can apply corrections to groups of images and "Sync" them.

My first Monochrom camera was 8-bits, the best that a commercial camera could achieve 20 years ago. 30 years ago, the digital "imagers" that we made had 15-bit pixels. You need it.

No one would think of using 64:1 compression for images. That's about what you are doing when using 8-bit images instead of 14-bit (16 bits stored), you can save a lot of images by having the raw image. You can always import everything into Lightroom, select all, and export to Jpeg. You can re-size in one step for posting online.

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