So, how are they going to sort out the forums now?

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Re: Olympus retreat.

CollBaxter wrote:

herebefore wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

I don't know if it would cause more angst but maybe

Olympus interchangeable lens camera forum.

Panasonic interchangeable lens camera forum.

Leave the m4/3 forum for the interchange.

They did it with Fuji / Kodak which used Nikon mount Lenses.

Maybe it will sort out some of the brand wars within a format. Or a mount war within a brand.

The all the so called seer's are correct the mirror less will be a moot point in the future.


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There are far too many people who just dont understand any need whatever for an OVF, and every time one of us mentions an OVF we would get tromped on by the maniacs who see the ovf as an implement of the devil, and sinful in every way.

You know the type... "My way or the Highway".

Try reading some of the posts here lately and you will see its actually the the reverse. EVF , EVF , EVF , EVF , EVF. ......... " You bad boy you , why you not want EVF , I am going to tell your mother and she going to whack you good . "

Sorry I cant help it.

best to keep the forums the way they are..

I post here, without mentioning m4/3 much, and I post there, without mentioning my DSLRs much.

Ovf is one thing and EVF is another.

The advent of M4/3 split the Olympus users down the middle . A lot became m4/3 fan boys and a lot of us stayed 4/3 fan boys. Its like shooting 2 different systems from 2 different vendors . Then add Panasonic into the fold and things really hot up . If the 'one beautiful system ' is to become a reality is it going to become the Panasonic/Olympus 'beautiful system." system or a general mirror less system forum like it seems to be now.

As to OVF vs EVF well DSLR'S are all Dodo Birds or have you not been reading the news.

The only good thing is the equivalence and small sensor stuff takes place on 1041 and not here any more. Actually maybe it's not a bad idea to leave them as they are . If you are looking for action and don't mind being bombarded by every tom Dick and Harry go thee . Or come back here and discuss things reasonably in a more laid back environment. Lets call it a Olympus retreat.

Hmmm yep Keep it like it is.


I like it here.. Not so much "head banging" and "gnashing of teeth" over Panny this and Oly that...

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