A pessimist's take on the new Sony lenses

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Re: A pessimist's take on the new Sony lenses

ottonis wrote:

However, since I HATE changing lenses, I have been waiting from the inception of the Nex line for a great, bright standard zoom to arrive.

But what did we get instead: A reasonably sized but way too dark 18-70 Zeiss lens, the quality of which is certainly outstanding but the small aperture simply makes this lens unusable for me as an "always on" lens, since I totally depend on available light that is more often than not very low.

Again we bump up against the laws of physics. Sony has a long track record of being tremendously innovative company for the miniaturization of electronics.

Unfortunately light is uncompromising in its unwillingness to cram more photons through tiny lenses.

So... despite our delight in small cameras we are stuck with lenses that get larger as sensor sizes increase and as the design becomes more complex.

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