lithium ion inverters

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lithium ion inverters

Paul C Buff came up with a great idea with the Vagabond Mini, small light weight power supply that enables use of studio strobes in the field without an extension cord. Then along comes Photogenic that agrees with PCB and introduces a competing product, The Ion.

I need one of the two systems!

The advantages of the Mini are,

1. Price $239 plus $10 shipping and Tennessee  tax ( I live in TN ), so approx. $275

2. PCB customer service is legendary

The disadvantages of the Mini seem to be,

1. Flimsy case and weak battery guides

2. Badly designed light stand mount, if over tightened can crack the inverter case

3. The physical LI-ON battery rattles around in its outer casing

The Photogenic Ion advantages seem to be,

1. Sturdier construction

2. Thermal protection circuitry rather than protection from a fuse

3. Battery slides on sideways rather than lengthwise on the Mini  that ensures contact with the inverter

4. A light stand adapter that was designed to WORK.

Disadvantages of the Ion are,

1. Price $399 shipped free so a difference of a little over $120 more than the PCB Mini

2. ?

For those own these systems, what are your thoughts?

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