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Re: Monochrom/Noctilux - West Virginia freeway stop

dale thorn wrote:

bosjohn wrote:

sorry I was reacting more to the tone than the actually quotes but it seemed to me everyone was jumping on this guy for not very good reasons if I offended anyone it was not my intention. However in the long time I have been here I have seen this happen before. My comments were ment to be genaric and not to point fingers at anyone spacificl If I have offended you I am sorry but I think in this case several of his responders were less than gracious

Actually, ignoring the obvious, I do understand the near-insistence on shooting RAW. It's a superior technology, I know very well having shot RAW for several months about 6 years ago. But not this time. Money isn't the issue as some have tried to insist - it just isn't. My time with the camera is worth as much as I charge for software consulting - $200/hour minimum. Now if you think about that, and the fact that the Monochrom should yield the best JPEGs in the business, why would I want to spend valuable time doing lab work? I'm not Ansel Adams, but I intend to have a few memorable images as time goes on. And I don't keep the bad ones - I toss 'em.

I do not want to start a chat on raw vs jpeg because I realised from other forums that this is a very big issue. All I want to say is that I shoot raw, I import to Lightroom, I move 2-3 sliders and I finish. A few seconds per image maximum. If an image is worth more I spend more time. As most of my images are terrible anyway, I spend no time at all on them.

By the way whatever you charge per hour is part of your professional life, surely it is not part of your personal time. Otherwise, one may get anxious about any activity including sleep, eating, etc etc.

Best, D

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