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Re: DxO 8: it is a very good raw developer

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I am an user for DxO since version 3. They are presenting incremental better quality and interface for each version - except for the version 5.0 (an irresponsible release from them IMO).

I am also an user for ACR (embedded into Photoshop) as well Nikon Capture NX2. The best sharpness and geometry correction comes from DxO. It is very convenient for my particular workflow its batch processing. The last versions presented also a significant improvement for color quality also. It is my main raw developer. I estimate 98% from my pictures are developed by it.

Nikon Capture NX2 has the best color rendering - it is particularly clear when rendering portraits and some very difficult light. I use it for some special projects or when DxO presents obvious bad rendering (it is rare, but occurs).

ACR (Lightroom same engine) has by far the best interface and can make consistent good results. You can make very good rendering learning how to use its features.

Bottom line: I recommend DxO 8 for camera raw rendering, mostly if your camera(s)/lens(es) are profiled.


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Osvaldo, surely you will know the answer to my questions. I've had version 6 since it first came out. I used to shoot really wide and loved how I could batch all my shots from a job using the Anamorphic Distortion correction module.

My question is about choosing a large amount of images to process (say I'm just running them all through the Anamorphic Distortion). In v.6 the images I've loaded are all stacked up at the bottom of the screen and I can "left click" the first image then "shift left click" the last image, done, they've all been selected.

I cannot figure out how to do this in my trial version of DxO 8. It's just a long filmstrip and takes too long to go from one end to the other to select the images I want worked on.

So, this is a question only about selecting a large number of images to batch process. Thanks.

Try Ctl-U. This unlocks the browser and puts it in a separate window that will show all the images in the selected folder.

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You're right, thanks. Don't want to sound like a dumb guy but I'd downloaded a DxO 8 trial when it came out and never found that or it didn't work as advertised if I did come across it or something. I remember thinking, heck, I'll just stay with DxO 6

Well, I just did the Ctrl-U thing, selected what I want, sent a bunch of Nikon D5000 raws through with the Default preset (does a little of this and a little of that) and compared them to the "Jpegs from Jpegs run through LR4" folder I have and to the "Jpegs from raws through LR4" folder. And...

I preferred the Jpegs from Jpegs run through LR4. I know raw fanatics will tell me I did something wrong because surely processing from a nef (raw) is the only way to achieve Post Processing Nirvana. Well, not here.

I'll give it another shot with a single nef and try to work magic like it shows on the DxO website. To see if the magic it can work trumps the magic I can already achieve with LR4 and CS5 and all the plug-ins I have.

It is not an obvious procedure to get to all the selected photos at once. I work with multiple monitors and found it as I was setting DXO up to work with them.

Good luck with DXO or whatever program you find is best for you.

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Just a very serious amateur for over 55 years.

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