Some HS50 shots for C&C

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Re: Some HS50 shots for C&C

cantanima wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Perhaps I lost too much of that with the noisy images I got.

Higher DR will contribute some noise. It's a tradeoff; a little noise in shadows v. losing brights altogether. In your situation, the higher ISO is the real problem.

Yeah, I'm sure of that. I just did a few more test shots here, and found that ISO 100 and 200 are fine, but 400 suddenly brings in a lot of noise, and loss of detail. Above that are incremental increases in noise, but are acceptable when viewed at normal size (pixel peeping is just plain awful of course).

I also found that there's little difference in M & L in some modes, although for some reason the Raw files end up at the same size. However, if the Raws are as you say below, then surely there's no benefit in using the M mode method if you prefer Raw? (My own inspection of the images does back that up I think), or indeed even using the EXR DR boost.

I did switch from Provia to Astia, but I'll be darned if I can see any difference (does that actually do anything for Raw images?)

Sorry, missed that. As I understand it, film simulation won't affect RAW, only JPG.

Yeah, I was expecting that, very little should effect the Raw image, unless the software used is capable of utilising the data. Most other settings, such as sharpen, saturation and NR should not really make any difference either, again unless the software can make use of that data.

Yup, it was definitely on Auto 400. However, reading Kim's web pages again, it's clear that the HS50 fixes it to 400 when using DR400 and L mode.

Yes, that's because it's doing DR through the higher ISO. M size allows the camera to take two photos & get a "hardware DR". Apparently, the RAW file doesn't give you those two photos, though (or that's what people say; the HS25 doesn't have RAW).

Hmm, I might have to have a look into that.

It should have gone lower in the M modes, but for some reason didn't.

Right: that's what I find curious. M size & DR mode should have allowed lower ISO.

I wonder if it was just metering such that it thought it was dark enough for the higher ISO. Even my brighter images had a lot of shadow area in them - I think I was using centre average.

For now, despite Kim's recommendations (on his blog pages), I am finding that either M mode Raw + JPEG with DR set to Auto, and ISO fixed to 100 are likely to be favourite. If I want to save storage space, I can see nothing in it to use L mode Raw only, and fix to ISO 100, with DR at Auto.

I have to say that I've seen very little to suggest that the EXR modes are doing much at all in Raw mode, at least not when they're processed in LightRoom.


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