Glass bubble in Noctilux f0.95?

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Re: Glass bubble in Noctilux f0.95?

dale thorn wrote:

Gesture wrote:

Consider the percentage that bubble is of the total light gathering capacity of the lens. Surface scratches used to be India inked out.

But you could ask the dealer to check if similar bubbles appear in other stock of the lens. Leica may agree on an exchange for your peace of mind.

Thanks for that - I may just inquire of the dealer's opinion and Leica's opinion (since they can view the photos), and if they say keep it I will, trusting that the resale will not be a problem.

I'll assume I'm on dale's ignore, but regardless, my first nocti had a bubble too. I purchased directly through the leica shop in dc. They replaced the lens without issue, though a replacement did take time to arrive.

I'm sure others will echo that bubbles do negatively impact resell in new production lenses.

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