Glass bubble in Noctilux f0.95?

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meagre offerings
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Re: Noctilux

dale thorn wrote:

bosjohn wrote:

dale thorn wrote:

The only response so far is someone on ignore - if anyone else has an idea please reply.

I stuck up for you but remarks such as this are not in good taste or good sprotsmanship and further way too much information, we have no desire what ever to know whos on or not on anyones ignore list.

I appreciate what you are saying, but you're not aware of the circumstances. Some members, not necessarily anyone listed here, may be on ignore because they have kept making negative remarks AFTER previous altercations that had moderator intervention and threat of legal action. Now would you expect that after such angry and hostile confrontations, that the same people would keep it up? Note that I'm not pointing to any specific person, just making you aware that 'ignoring' a user is *recommended* by the forum, and is not supposed to reflect badly on anyone. I made the comment to get someone to provide useful information, which might not happen if people reading the post thought the issue was already answered. The ignore facility, while good and recommended by DPReview, has the disadvantage of making certain things hidden which can confuse further posts. That's not my fault, it's the way the system works.

Edit: To repeat, I don't know why any particular person is ignored - it could be for any reason I've forgotten, but I'm trying to get along with the system instead of fighting it.

i would just like you dale to point out that this `supposed` legal action had nothing to do with myself. you were answering a post which was relating to me, and then you start spouting about legal action in the same post.

i think you should put the facts straight before someone else gets the moderators involved.


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