Best photo editor to use with a Nexus 7?

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Re: Best photo editor to use with a Nexus 7?

I don't think you have to license Photoshop Touch on the Android device. I use it for most of my editing.

Snapseed maybe be a competent app, but I prefer the interface and the layering in PS Touch. Snapseed--like so many other Google-owned apps--always comes across like either a display at Toys-R-Us or a bill board at Times Square, which just bugs me.

Along with PS Touch, I use the following apps to round out my image viewing/editing on my tablet:

  • Photo Editor to batch resize my image files, since the JPEGs from my camera are way too big for what I need for editing on my Nexus 7.
  • x-plore file manager, to create folders, move and copy files on my tablet
  • Nexus Media Importer for copying image files onto my device;
  • QuickPic photo viewer/gallery which I like much better than the generic Gallery app on my tablet. One cool feature is it lets you rotate images from within app while viewing them.

I generally like PS Touch, but wish it had a view other features and some interface changes. I keep suggesting these on the Adobe website, but I'm thinking they are marketing this app to the general public, not so much to serious photographers, so I don't think they'll ever consider my suggestions. But maybe Adobe will surprise me


halc wrote:

Photoshop is horrible, requiring license checks and not always working. Cloud based license checks suck big time, unless you are on WiFi all the time.

Snapseed is good for 90% of the stuff you need,

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