How can Oly EM-1 compete when FF DSLR with L zoom goes for $2300?

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Re: A couple of points ...

Dr_Jon wrote:

No arguing, although the main problems I've had with the GH3's EVF are not due to limited resolution (873 x 500 for m43), limited dynamic range (actually I think being OLED it's probably the best m43 for that) or iffy optics (which aren't great IMHO), but the lag (!). When I was shooting macro insects they were often out of the frame on the GH3, but the OVF Canon got about a 4-5x higher hit rate (with the same pre-focused shutter delay from button press according to IR). Actually that caught me out, as I did the GH3 first then ended up with a stupid number of Canon keepers as I assumed most would be dud... well, could have been worse...

Like I said, depends what you want, I need both as there are things I couldn't do with one or the other (I have a 5DmkII not 6D BTW).

We're on the same page.  Horses for courses, as someone else said.

With regard to the viewfinders, I'm not sure of the display time lag for the GH3.  The vf-4 is quoted as a 32ms display time lag.  I did note some issues with this when trying to snap shots of birds in flight, which may be one of the situations where an OVF is really useful.  But for most things, I've really come to like the EVF -- at least, the vf-4 implementation of an EVF.

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