How can Oly EM-1 compete when FF DSLR with L zoom goes for $2300?

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Re: A couple of points ...

No arguing, although the main problems I've had with the GH3's EVF are not due to limited resolution (873 x 500 for m43), limited dynamic range (actually I think being OLED it's probably the best m43 for that) or iffy optics (which aren't great IMHO), but the lag (!). When I was shooting macro insects they were often out of the frame on the GH3, but the OVF Canon got about a 4-5x higher hit rate (with the same pre-focused shutter delay from button press according to IR). Actually that caught me out, as I did the GH3 first then ended up with a stupid number of Canon keepers as I assumed most would be dud... well, could have been worse...

Like I said, depends what you want, I need both as there are things I couldn't do with one or the other (I have a 5DmkII not 6D BTW).

P.S. the 6D is almost exactly 2 stops better than my GH3 in low light, but DR-wise the GH3 keeps up with it at low ISO. Not for noise though, I can see noise or noise-reduction artifacts at ISO 200 on the GH3 which never happens on my 5DmkII. But I can carry a bunch more m43 kit around with me, which is handy a lot of the time (except when the m43 lens I want doesn't exist, which happens a bit).

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