How can Oly EM-1 compete when FF DSLR with L zoom goes for $2300?

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Re: A couple of points ...

Dr_Jon wrote:

Depends what you want, low weight take m43, take the Canon for:

Better low light performance (10 stops DR to ISO 3200, vs ISO 1000 for E-M5, etc.)

Big optical viewfinder (no lag and same DR as your Eye, less on-screen graphics) - I do get a bit fed up of going to major events and watching them on a circa NTSC res TV - 436K RGB pixels)

Better tracking AF

Much wider range of lenses

If you're a Pro much better support

Much easier to get accessories (very wide range)

Much easier to rent extra bits

Manufacturer flash with radio not optical communication built-in

Wider range of non-diffraction-limited apertures (but let's avoid the 20K word discussion of the fine detail)

I'm not saying how you rate the above. That's up to you and will vary wildly. Just a bunch of people do... (I have a GH3, if someone said I could only have one camera and it had to be that or the 6D I'd have the 6D, luckily the World doesn't work that way )

Yes, exactly. It depends on what you want. Couldn't agree more with your last paragraph.

In my own case, with regard to OVF/EVF, after using vf-4 for about 5,000 shots this past month, I beginning to prefer the EVF for the blinkies, focusing peaking, magnified view, and other features that are simply not possible in an OVF.

And with regard to ISO and non-diffraction-limited apertures, the problem is that you do need to think through the 'fine detail' to make proper comparisons across formats. Properly compared, a better statement might be that, theoretically, the 6D should have a couple of stops advantage in low light situations. The quality of the sensor and the IBIS implementation narrows the advantage. That difference may or may not be important to you.

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