Galaxy NX Pricing revealed

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viking79 wrote:

Bryan M wrote: I'm baffled by this pricing by Samsung. Phandroid is reporting it at $1600 which is way too much. I predict within 6 months after release we will see big price drops. Even if this was camera was $1000 I would have no interest in it. I am hoping for something more enticing from the NX30 if it shows.

Wow, $1600 is a lot money

I can easily buy a Full frame Canon 6D ($1499) with a 40mm pancake lens ($120 on ebay) for less. Samsung product has never been cheap nor price competitive, but $1600...really?

The bottom line is these are very different cameras, they might market them to completely different. People looking at the 5D probably aren't going to be looking at the galaxy NX.

No camera today has even half the processing power that galaxy NX has in terms of general computing power. I think the NX could shine with some updated Android apps. Give it time to mature.

"Does it have a quad core processor"?

That kind of stuff simply doesn't matter. Really. Not. One. Bit.

What matters, is that the camera does the job that it's supposed to do (and does it well) and that it's reasonably priced and supported with lenses, future body upgrades, other neccessary gear like flashes, etc. Canon has all this. Samsung doesn't really look that future proof to me at this moment. I have several lenses for my NX20 and before I put a € more into this system, I'm going to need some kind of proof that it's not all going down the toilet in the future. I don't want a huge mobile phone with interchangeable lenses (and bloody awful operability), I wan't a camera that works and isn't insanely expensive.

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