Some HS50 shots for C&C

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Re: Some HS50 shots for C&C

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Perhaps I lost too much of that with the noisy images I got.

Higher DR will contribute some noise. It's a tradeoff; a little noise in shadows v. losing brights altogether. In your situation, the higher ISO is the real problem.

I did switch from Provia to Astia, but I'll be darned if I can see any difference (does that actually do anything for Raw images?)

Sorry, missed that. As I understand it, film simulation won't affect RAW, only JPG.

Yup, it was definitely on Auto 400. However, reading Kim's web pages again, it's clear that the HS50 fixes it to 400 when using DR400 and L mode.

Yes, that's because it's doing DR through the higher ISO. M size allows the camera to take two photos & get a "hardware DR". Apparently, the RAW file doesn't give you those two photos, though (or that's what people say; the HS25 doesn't have RAW).

It should have gone lower in the M modes, but for some reason didn't.

Right: that's what I find curious. M size & DR mode should have allowed lower ISO.

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