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Re: Until the RAW is uploaded, this is a waste of time

Atgard wrote:

This whole thread and all the arguments are a waste of time until the OP uploads the RAW file somewhere, so those skilled in RAW processing can show him what RAW can do. Then we can all see the camera's JPG and a well-processed RAW and everyone can decide for themselves.

Until then, it's all just arguing back and forth. If the OP isn't willing to upload the RAW (many have told him many ways to do this), then he's unwilling to have his beliefs tested and there's no point in going back and forth.

Could everyone please lighten up on me until I can get these files uploaded and linked? I have just got up after a six hour video shoot with multiple cameras and sound recorders and I need to get some equipment back to the office and maybe download the files and visit my mother in law at the nursing home and then I can try and find the pertinent files to upload. I am just as curious as you.

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