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Re: Do you really have to RAW??

stevo23 wrote:

But to the OP - it was implied that sometimes, jpeg is better, so shoot both - as if the jpeg somehow contains something that the RAW does not. This is incorrect. The jpeg that you get comes from that very RAW and noise reduction, CA reduction etc. is all being applied in camera. With the RAW, most of those things are not being done. It can be better straight out of the camera and one would expect so. But the potential is always greater, by definition, that RAW can at least match that jpeg. In reality, I've always found it possible to beat the jpeg. There isn't enough headroom in the jpeg. So you take your 11.5 stop DSLR and chop it down to something like 8? I don't know exactly.

From a post to Gary Friedman on this subject:

Then there is RAW once again. I discovered that Photoshop Elements 11 can import RAW files directly and process them just fine without the IDC or any other converter program. That makes it very easy to shoot RAW only now, and not have to shoot RAW + JPG all the time. But the question is, what camera functionality do you lose if you don't let the camera process the images all the way to JPG?


No lens corrections (distortion, vignetting, or CA corrections)
No MFNR, HDR, or other multi-frame features.
No picture effects (no great loss there!)
No panorama mode

This is all I can think of off the top of my head. (Mind you, my head is spinning right now with issues relating to a funeral and liquidation of an estate.)


Such as the noise reduction functions, maybe some of the scene settings, sharpening, color modes, White Balance settings?


Those don't go away; you're expected to do those when you open the RAW file. Lightroom tends to look at the notes the camera made and apply them for you.


Is this a good question or dumb? Everyone talks about the advantages of RAW, but no one talks about any disadvantages.


Again, you really, really need to attend one of my seminars! All will be clear after that. (2nd best choice: Read the A77 book thoroughly, since all of that and more is discussed.)

Gary Friedman


That is when I tried to see how many in the Florida area would be interested in a seminar, but didn't get enough responses to pursue it.

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