9/1/2013 Weekly landscape show and tell

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Re: Vale of the Whie Horse

Leading lines can be a very important part of pulling the viewer into a photograph.  And you've clearly been having fun experimenting with these.  But I will say that I would have a hard time making interesting photographs in the area you've been working.  Experiment with placing the camera lower and with placing it higher to see what differences it makes.  And try and keep the horizon out of the middle of the frame.  Several years ago there was an unbelievable shot posted here of some logs on a beach.  The guy was known for posting excellent work.  But in the case of the logs he had taken shots from around 50 different angles finding one that really worked.  And with each shot and angle he learned even more.  One more thing.  Experiment with different crops of images.  It is truly amazing how this can change an image.

#1 A nice field.  But for me it's the clouds that make it interesting.

#2 A nice shot.  I would be tempted to crop at a 16x9 ratio removing the bush at the bottom as it does not add to the shot.

#3 Nice colors but for me not as interesting as the first two.  (I have lots of shots that are not as interesting as.)

#4  A pretty area.

#5 Looks like a nice area for an afternoon walk.

Looking forward to seeing more next week.


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