I want medium format!

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Re: No you don't

brianric wrote:

Cailean Gallimore wrote:

Many of the people who dismiss MF and LF have never used them, never examined a very large print from them, and base their argument on a gut reaction to the suggestion that some other technology might be better in some ways than what they have. Emotionally, they just can't handle it.

I've used 6x6 format, Mamiya C330F, and 6x7 format, Koni Omega and Koni-Omegaflex, and there isn't a question in my mind that my Nikon D800E puts them to shame. Some people can't accept the fact that for all practical purposes film is dead.

You should tell that to the collectors who pay good money for large medium and large format one of a kind, or limited edition prints.

They won't take any notice of you though, because they are very well informed about photography, and know exactly what they're buying.

The real world is very different from the internet, my friend.

You should visit a few galleries and see what is selling

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