Panasonic GH3 or Sony A77 for video?

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Re: Panasonic GH3 or Sony A77 for video?

ntsan wrote:


-4 hours continuous video recording in 1 charge (vs ~90min from other manufacturers)

-No over heating over long period of time (Sony early SLT and all NEX are prone to overheat when it goes to 30min on recording)

-IPB and All Intra provide clear image even when there is lots of movement/complex scene around, all other camera will show macro blocking (Olympus being the worst offender) due to limited bandwidth.

-Moire is less on Panasonic than other brand

Sony is real bad at overheating! In fact I had 2 Sony Nex cams, I could never get either one to record to 29 minutes! I sold my complete Nex-7 system and all the glass because it would shut down without warning to many times to count, after 6 minutes, 3 minutes, 10 minutes. Sony never did own up to this serious problem that they masked out by slick marketing statements.

I was very disappointed in the Nex line. I now have a GH3 that I mainly use for video, Very Very nice camera. It's not quirk free either, You just have to make adjustments and small sacrifices to get around the quirks. The biggest gripe right now on the GH3 is the monitoring on the LCD screen turns off very shortly when videoing. Kind of a major pain., and you can't adjust it or keep it on in the menu setup screen. I do think it will be fixed in Firmware, which I must say Panasonic has been pretty responsive to the GH3 user base.

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