Rumour concerning moveable sensor to focus-SR5

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Re: Issues for universal autofocus with manual lenses

Samaistuin wrote:

ProfHankD wrote:

For what it's worth, last year I formally contacted Sony about getting E-mount specs so I could develop and commercially produce a universal autofocus-with-manual-lenses adapter for E-mount.

That's interesting. So according to your design, the focus would be done via your adaptator, i.e. the adaptator would be in charge of moving the entire lens.

Isn't that quite challenging, mechanically speaking? Because the mechanism would have to support a potentially heavy weight, and the whole stuff could become wobbly & inaccurate in no time.

But you wouldn't be using something heavy - like a 70-400mm - without support (to prevent "hanging" that weight on just the camera's mount).

So all the adapter has to do is make a tiny adjustment of the spacing between leans and sensor... its not like the camera will be a fixed object, and the "heavy" lens is being moved back/forth.

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