Photographer faces law suit

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Re: Photographer faces law suit

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Write your troubles in sand, carve your blessings in stone.

To be honest I agree that the lawyer should be sued, you are a PHOTOGRAPHER, a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, It is your JOB to photograph a wedding! You are in BUSINESS! You should NEVER mix PERSONAL stuff with BUSINESS! If you do you are TERRIBLE at business.

Are you serious??! One of the joys of being self employed is being able to choose who you want to do business with. And I laud her for her honesty as to why, even though I don't necessarily agree with her reason. Successful business people do not have to work with everyone who crosses their path. Unsuccessful ones usually do because they have to put food on the table.

So just for the sake of argument then - if I open a restaurant and decide to not allow persons that are of ethnic background X because I believe they are terrible tipper or they have a reputation for skipping out on the bill, that's ok?  After all, I'd be looking out for my employees as well as my own business interests.


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