Android, a work in progress ?

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Android, a work in progress ?

I recently bought a Nexus 10, and I am, more or less, quite pleased with it. But even so, looking at Android 4.3, I get the impression that there's still a lot of room for improvement in the basics of the Android interface.

But I only have one example of that. Or maybe 2.

If I spin around my Nexus 10, the annoying thing is that Android spins around the "home" button too. So that the "home" button is always at the bottom.

When I am holding the device in landscape mode, this isn't good, at least not for me. There's less space for it on the bottom of the screen, in landscape mode, and it's far away from my thumb, in landscape mode.

In discussing this in another forum, at another site, somebody pointed out that if you were going to try to find the worst place to put it, where it is in landscape mode, it would be put where Android 4.3 forces it to be.

In practical terms, you can find third party software that lessens the issue, but it still poses the question: what was Google thinking ?

Well, for telephones, maybe, it's much less of an issue, because one is almost always holding telephones in portrait mode.

In looking around to see if this will be fixed in version 5 of Android, "Key Lime Pie", that will probably come out in October, I see mention that maybe version 5 will have a native file manager.

There too, I have found a third party software source that provides a file manger, but why isn't there a native Android app, shipped with the OS from Google, that is a file manager ?

iOS doesn't have one either, but that seems to be more of a decision by Apple to hide the underlying file system from the user.

But even so ... I just find myself thinking that Android still seems to be a bit of a "work in progress". They need to figure out a way to give the user a chance to put the home button wherever the user wants it. And a file manger, a native one, that would be nice too.

These aren't major issues. As a product, out in the marketplace, it's "up and running", and application developers are already writing plenty of apps for Android. That's what is important. But we're still in the early days of Android, I'd say, with a few basic, minor, elements still lacking in the native OS.

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