Did change to full-frame change your techniques?

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Re: Did change to full-frame change your techniques?

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Yesterday my new 6D arrived and currently I explore the camera. One thing I noticed instantly was the big viewfinder, of course. And I noticed also that, for the first time since I started photography, the judgement of sharpness and DOF is a lot easier than with an APS-C viewfinder. I think manual focus becomes more usable, and also full-time-manual-focus lenses are advantageous to have. Using the reliable cross-type point and manual focus, it's easy and fast to adjust the desired focus in your picture.

So, did a change to full frame also change your techniques as well?


I don't know if this will be an issue for you but one of the biggest changes that a few friends that I have encountered going from crop to FF is wrapping their heads around the dof difference.  As crop users, they sometimes struggled to get shallower shots while now they find it's the opposite.  It's not a problem but simply a matter of breaking old habits in aperture choices.  It also made a difference too that they didn't really shoot 35mm film so all of their experience shooting was P&S and crop.

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