I want medium format!

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But that's my point. I don't want a current, overpriced MFD. They need to make one that's more reasonably priced. Back in the film days, there were a lot of enthusiasts who had MF cameras. Now there are none and the cameras are off the scales expensive and rather painful to own. My neighbour had his backs in for repair often and for weeks at a time.

Lets get a groundswell to change that.

They can't make one that's more reasonably priced because there's not a big enough market for it. The big players aren't interested, and the medium format sensors have been lagging farther and farther behind in terms of technology. Medium format has lost its edge.
What are you looking to do with a medium format camera that a modern DSLR can't do?

I don't seriously believe this will happen, but I can dream all day long. I like sharp, crisp enlargements and it doesn't take long for that to go away when enlarging my 35mm stuff. I just remember those gorgeous prints from medium format.

OK I'll ask agian in the most civil way one could possibly expect. Would you mind to tell us what kind of prints you make and for what purpose? Perhaps people can chip in and help your cause if you let them know that. I have not seen you mention any of those yet.

Dude - this is a pipe dream thread. I can remember how beautiful and crisp and tonally diverse medium format was. It was gorgeous. 35mm has never approached that. It can still be had with film - no doubt. I don't have physical numbers in mind and am not looking for a specific solution - I'm just venting and dreaming. Join in.

Then you should dream the dreams that could come true like take a look at how good pictures you can achieve from cameras like D800E or X-pro1. I'm pretty sure they will be as good as, if not better than, those beautiful and crisp pictures you remembered.

No. I have an X-E1, I love it to bits, it's fabulous. Then I bought a 1975 vintage GW690, shot a few rolls and found that the IQ blew the Fuji X-series into the reeds. That's the reality this "if only...." thread started from, I think.

Many of the people who dismiss MF and LF have never used them, never examined a very large print from them, and base their argument on a gut reaction to the suggestion that some other technology might be better in some ways than what they have. Emotionally, they just can't handle it.

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