Some HS50 shots for C&C

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Re: Some HS50 shots for C&C

I use an HS25EXR, which is similar. Of course L size will give you some more detail, but if you're using the DR right, you should see a difference between L size and M size in terms of DR.

My main suggestion would be a different film simulation. I can't see the EXIF data at the moment, but if you're using Provia I'd suggest trying Velvia, especially for such landscapy shots.

Also, at least a couple of the photos look as if they were taken in bright light (around the castle area, with some clouds but also some sky). There's no way those should need ISO 400. Are you sure you had it on ISO Auto 400, and not ISO 400? I've made that mistake on occasion.

I've never had trouble on the HS25 with Auto 400 turning into static 400 at M size -- BUT -- I shoot in A mode, and a lot of the M size settings recommend Provia and P mode, which may make a difference, though I can't imagine why. With ISO Auto 400, the HS25 sometimes turns out ISO's I didn't know it had, such as ISO 160 and ISO 320, but typically it turns out something below ISO 400, unless it really does need 400 (or higher). I don't like the result and have the time, I can sometimes manually set ISO 200 and get a good shot by stabilizing the camera w/ EVF to eye, but if the HS25 usually guesses the ISO quite well, 'twould be an astounding step back if the HS50 can't do it.

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