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Re: Why I use Raw + Jpg - because when I don't, I screw up

stevo23 wrote:

That's a novel reason! Did the camera have any histogram? It sounds like your red channel was clipping which is typical on faces.

I don't think it was red channel clipping.  One of the women had on a pale red blouse, and that color came out ok.  When I post processed the image, the red channel was not close to the right edge of the histogram.

The artifacts looked like a combination of over noise reduction (face was very smooth except for the artifacts) + over sharpening (strengthened at edges of face and different colored background) + plus jpg compression.  It looked at some of my early attempts to use a combination of 'edge protecting NR' + sharpening to clean up high ISO (400) shots in the early DSLR days.  It also looked like some of the early A700 high ISO jpgs, before Sony issued the firmware that allowed high ISO NR to be completely turned off.  (just to get this back to a-mount).  (Diverting again from a-mount), I've also seen similar,  but less intense, behavior on my NEX 7 which led me to changing that camera's default to raw+jpg, since high iso on that camera always has some NR added.

While I often use the jpgs form my a-mount cameras w/o bothering with the raws, I find that using the Sony camera profiles with the raw in LR lets me try different "creative color" settings (clear, vivid, deep, etc.) non-destructively as a starting point with the amount of NR and sharpening I like.  I also find adding a bit of "clarity" really makes an image pop by appearing to get rid of a slight haze covering the entire image.


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