70D Field Notes - Elephants included

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Re: 70D Field Notes - Elephants included

Neal Bkk wrote:

Lucky me, my camera store in Bangkok got the 70D on Thursday and it was lucky because Friday I was off to see the Elephant Polo Matches. I brought 3 lenses with me to the match but never used the Kit 18-135mm.

I started with the Sigma 18-35mm and got some great shots, I didn't use video with it today but had the previous day and I did not notice any noise when I zoomed in and out.

Most of the day I used the Canon f4-5.6 70-300L. Auto focus was great, for video everything was also excellent and I didn't notice any noise with that lens either.

I used a Kenko 1.4x with the 70-300L and no problems with that combination either doing video or stills.

Did you use the teleconverter on the image posted? If so that's why the image looks as bad as it does.  Not sharp, a lot of fuzziness, just not clear and inadequate DOF.  You'd probably have been better off just cropping instead of using a Kenko teleconverter.  The image is also on the dark side but guess that is lack of DR by Canon still.

My card was a Sandisk Ultra UHS 45/mb card, and that was fine and handled 1080 video and high speed burst shots. When I filled that up I had to switch to a Sandisk Ultra 30mb card (class 10, not UHS), and that would not handle 1080 video and I filled up the buffer a lot when taking burst shots.

Also no problems with heat, I was a little worried that 4 hours of near continuos use in the Thailand sun would be too much

In short, I'm very impressed. Auto focus was very accurate both 'regular' and the new dual phase AF, image quality was very good, control layout is good and responsive.

The only gripes I have are very minimal, picking a focus spot is harder than it was with the joystick on the 40D (but I'm getting better with practice). You have to turn WiFi off before going into video mode (why is this not automatic ?), and with WiFi I need to have different 'wifi sets' for my iPhone and Nook tablet -- why can't they use the same settings ?

(image was adjusted in Lightroom 5.2beta)

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