Any details about coming Pentax announcements?

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Re: Any details about coming Pentax announcements?

Greyser wrote:

What exactly are we waiting for:

  • new APS-C flagship
  • 1.4x SDM capable TC
  • new mirror-less
  • anything else?


Asahi Man is our most reliable source. A few months back, he tipped the flagship DSLR, which he said was APSC, above the K5 series and "something really big".  I can't find his post now, but the way he wrote it was a bit cryptic - it wasn't clear from the language in his post whether the something big was a technical development/feature of the forthcoming DSLR, or whether it was a different product.

Some people have been arguing that an update to the 645D is due.  That would be "big".  They may be right in a purely technical sense, but the 645D is a low volume seller...... I don't know whether a medium format upgrade is where Pentax/Ricoh would be allocating its priorities right now.  Unless they're going to increase the sensor mpx to keep it viable by distinguishing it from the D800 and the coming Canon high res model.

The mirror-less question is a big one - there are no tips from anyone.  The K01 is out of production.  The GR is announced and available.  The GXR seems to have been discontinued.  And there's the Q.  Maybe we'll see their next foray into the APSC mirror-less world?  (Or dare I say it, FF?  Someone needs to compete with Sony!)

Asahi Man confirmed some time ago that the teleconverter was in production......

And there are a few yet to be announced lenses on the road-map for 2013.......

I guess we'll be wiser in a week.

Cheers, Rod

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