RAW Troublemaker Again

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Re: Why I use Raw + Jpg - because when I don't, I screw up

Because same thing happens (has happened) with a Sony DSLR/T when set for JPG only and the auto ISO goes to high, or the user has it set for some other combination of things not right for the situation.

Stupid mistakes - yes, but they do happen.  If nothing else, raw + jpg gives insurance that only costs some space on a memory card.  It is much easier to get a usable (high quality) image out of a raw than it is from a camera processed (8-bit) jpg when there is a strange lighting situation or a screw-up.  With all of the many possible settings for creative color, etc with the Sony cameras, the chance for not quite getting it right in camera is not insignificant.  Raw gives you the opportunity to try different "camera" settings at home on the monitor.

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