Photographer faces law suit

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Re: Clever Business

santamonica812 wrote:

The reason why I think the photographer should have won--as a matter of law--is that (as a photographer) I see photography as an art form. And artists should be allowed to pick and choose their subjects . . . even if those artists are bigoted scummy a**holes. But the courts in this case have rejected this view of photography, rejected this argument, and so it's not surprising to see this court ruling.

As an artist, you create a work and hope that some one buys it.  There is no assumption of a purchase at the time of creation.  If you have a business, there is the legal requirement in New Mexico to provide your service without regard to sexual orientation, race, etc.  The customer has agreed to purchase before the creation.  That does not mean that you can not be artistic in your business but the business part comes first.

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