I'm re-thinking how I use my Q - suggestions welcome!

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Re: I'm re-thinking how I use my Q - suggestions welcome!

Barry Pearson wrote:

Sorry for the late reply.  Reply below.

Raist3d wrote:

Don't buy the Q7 until you learn how to use the Q.

Why not?

Because you are going to have the exact same issue you find with the Q now. Buying a Q7 is not going to solve that conundrum you posted.

My suggestion is, set it to Aperture priority and use no more than F4.0.

This illustrates my problem. My instinct has been to use Av, typically near maximum aperture, because the lenses are pretty good nearly open, diffraction sets in at more open apertures than bigger lenses, and open apertures are likely to give the best shutter speed and ISO for best image quality.

But this then becomes something to check and perhaps reset each time. And that is what I'm trying to avoid. I just want to switch on, point and shoot.

IF you just want to switch on, point and shoot then set it to P mode.

For example, in Av, if I use the 02 Zoom lens, and switch off when it is a 15mm and fully open at f/4.5, then when I switch on, the camera sticks at f/4.5 even when I zoom to 5mm. Then if I change to the 01 lens, it will be at f/4.5 too, even though earlier I had been using that lens fully open and have never used the E-dial. The camera has a "logic" of its own that I don't understand. (I suspect the logic is "if you are using Av, you are taking control, so you will sort out the aperture each time yourself")

It's not just the Q that does this.

How can I tell it "use maximum aperture whatever the lens and focal length"? (Or even tell it "at least be consistent without my having to check each time"?)

I am afraid you are going to have to set it, or deal with the same aperture on changing lenses.

I've now tried Auto and P modes, and they appear to handle this better. Should be using one of those? Which? What are the downsides? (I don't think I've used a camera in "Auto" mode for years!)

Well personally, I think it's a mistake to use the Q as a point and shoot. I would use it like I would use a DSLR- you just need to adjust to its limits- do not use more than F4.5 if possible (use the ND filter if the lens has one if you need to cut down light).  Do expose carefully like to maximize DR- like a DSLR, etc.

Keep in mind the different canvas of light characteristics, use judiciously within the constraints like a DSLR and it will shine.  I really think to use the Q as a point and shoot is a waste of the camera.

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