Some HS50 shots for C&C

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Re: Some HS50 shots for C&C

Andy Hewitt wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

So why ISO400, is the camera stuck on it?

It seems to be at those settings. As I mentioned, I used DR400, and ISO 400 Auto, but the camera seemed to force it to stay at 400. It was just a test series to see how M size compares to L size. Unfortunately I think the high ISO has spilt that somewhat.

It was very tricky lighting though, with a fairly light plain grey sky, dark areas under the trees.

If you have DR400% dialled in at L size it will always chose ISO400, M size can shoot ISO100 and DR400%

These were shot at ISO800 in M size, I always leave my camera at DR400% but then I always shoot in M size. I think they came out very well in almost the same conditions.

The sensor in the X10 and X-S1 are as clean at ISO800 as the HS50 at ISO100.

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