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Re: RAW Troublemaker Again

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

AceP wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Some of these wedding shooters shoot 2000 images that they then have to go through and process afterwards. Think about it.

Actually if you think about it, they will spend the least amount of time that will achieve the highest quality so most of those guys have set up their presets in Lightroom on some test shots where they fix the CA, saturation etc. for a custom starting point. Their "style" if you will. It appears your starting point in the illustration was to apply nothing except to make the RAW file visible!

Then these wedding shooters import the 2000 images with their choice of preset applied as they come in. That was step 1. Step 2, they click on the pull down menu and select "export to jpeg". Then go surf the web and reply to some DPReview comments while their computer churns out the processed jpegs, processed the way they like it rather than the way their camera jpeg processing choices happened to be set at during the shoot. With RAW, if they want to apply some different style to certain photos, they can create as many versions in LR as they wish before exporting another fresh from the original RAW file, jpeg.

Sounds preposterous to me. The whole point of processing RAW is to make all of those fine corrections that JPG cannot do right. And how can there be ONE set of presets that would apply to all of the pictures shot in one full speed ahead wedding shoot?


I don't shoot 2000 in a day - but that workflow above is almost exactly mine for any job - I have a set of presets that I use for different looks/feels/subjects/job type and I apply a preset to the whole batch and it give me my look for that job - if any need tweaking of heavier work I'll do that on an individual basis still sticking to my 2 minute rule (that's a self imposed time limit I set). I then operate the camera(s) to get the starting point I want for those presets to work.

It's no different to shooting jpegs except that it gives me more control and all the picture data that the camera records so that I can put my own personal stamp on it instead of Sony's.

As for "The whole point of processing RAW is to make all of those fine corrections that JPG cannot do right."
That may be the the whole point to some people but I am willing to bet good money that the majority of people that shoot raw don't do it for that reason.  It will be because it offers them an advantage (more control, more flexbility, a way of standardising output across different cameras) or at least no disadvantages to them (they have enough disk space and big enough memory cards).

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